Chrissy + Andrei {sneak peak}

Chrissy and Andrei are such an amazing couple. Their love for life, each other, and Christ shines through in every word they speak and in everything they do. Their wedding day was such a sweet celebration of all of those things and I was so honored to be a part of it. From Chrissy’s infectiously adorable laugh and the way her nose crinkles when she smiles to Andrei’s quiet, sweet demeanor and the way he looks at Chrissy, these two were a dream to work with. Here’s a little sneak peak of their beautiful wedding day at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center with amazing event planning by WB Events and a gorgeous dessert table by Butter. Enjoy!

Barlahan-001 Barlahan-004Barlahan-003Barlahan-005Barlahan-006Barlahan-007Barlahan-008Barlahan-009Barlahan-010Barlahan-011Barlahan-015Barlahan-016Barlahan-017Barlahan-020Barlahan-019Barlahan-018Barlahan-021Barlahan-022Barlahan-032Barlahan-033Barlahan-031Barlahan-025Barlahan-026Barlahan-027Barlahan-030Barlahan-035Barlahan-037Barlahan-038Barlahan-043Barlahan-042Barlahan-041Barlahan-040Barlahan-039Barlahan-048Barlahan-050Barlahan-051Barlahan-052Barlahan-046Barlahan-047Barlahan-053Barlahan-054Barlahan-057Barlahan-058Barlahan-059Barlahan-071Barlahan-070Barlahan-069Barlahan-068Barlahan-067Barlahan-065Barlahan-062Barlahan-060Barlahan-072

Karly + Grant {married}

We had the absolute pleasure of witnessing these two tie the knot a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful and oh so much fun! The bride was insanely gorgeous (I creepily whispered how ridiculously beautiful she was, multiple times), the venue was perfect, and the bridal party was a ton of fun. Grant even promised that they’d adopt a puppy during his vows! It was perfect and oh so sweet, and such an honor to be a part of such a wonderful day for the Seatons! Here’s a little sneak peek of the day!




3-Seaton-011 4-Seaton-0125-Seaton-018

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The Kiser’s

These two have been dear friends of ours since we were dating. We were in each other’s weddings and even got married just a week apart from one another so, needless to say, this was a super special session for me. I’m so excited to welcome sweet little Harper June into our family of friends and I can’t wait to see her and Nora playing together. We’re patiently awaiting her arrival in (hopefully) just a few short weeks…or maybe sooner! But I am beyond excited to see these two love birds become parents. They’re going to be amazing at it!

Kiser-001 Kiser-002 Kiser-003 Kiser-004 Kiser-005 Kiser-006 Kiser-007 Kiser-008 Kiser-009 Kiser-010 Kiser-011 Kiser-012 Kiser-013 Kiser-014

Shane and Megan {engaged}

This session was easily one of my favorites. I mean, obviously I’m biased since the groom is my big brother, but my future sister made it so incredibly fun (just by being there, first of all) with balloons, a beach ball and even (biodegradable) confetti. And even though it was cloudy, rainy, and cold, it was a party, which is the perfect word to sum the two of them up.

I’ve loved watching their love story unfold, through all of it’s twists and turns, and am so beyond ecstatic that it wound up here. They are such a Godly, giving, loving pair who care so much for the people around them. God has done something mighty, wonderful, and lasting to bring these two together as one. I can’t wait for their wedding day in Kauai this spring, and I can’t wait to officially call Megan my sister.

Bouma-001 Bouma-002 Bouma-003 Bouma-004 Bouma-005 Bouma-006 Bouma-007Bouma-009 Bouma-010 Bouma-011Bouma-014 Bouma-013Bouma-015 Bouma-016 Bouma-017 Bouma-018
Bouma-020 Bouma-021Bouma-022Bouma-023 Bouma-024 Bouma-025 Bouma-026

Karly + Grant {engaged}

This session has a piece of my heart. Not only are these two beautifully in love, and so much fun together, but the two of them in combination with the location and lighting, and I was dying the whole time. It was gorgeous, people. And they are gorgeous people. This is exactly how I hope to spend every super bowl sunday, forever.

Seaton-005 Seaton-009 Seaton-008 Seaton-007 Seaton-006 Seaton-004 Seaton-003 Seaton-002 Seaton-008Seaton-011Seaton-013Seaton-014Seaton-001









The Pettys

This brand new family of 3 made my job so easy. I mean, look at mom and dad, baby A had no chance of being anything but the most adorable little man in the world. And he has succeeded. From his gorgeous eyes to the cutest little smile, he made me mush. The mushiest of mush.

Petty-001 Petty-003 Petty-004 Petty-005 Petty-006 Petty-007 Petty-009 Petty-010 Petty-011 Petty-012 Petty-015 Petty-016


The Hills

This was by far one of my favorite sessions of this season…but I feel like I say that after every session these days. I just love that I get to spend time with such amazingly sweet families, and this one was no exception. These littles and their smiles melted my heart and I just wanted to squeeze the heck out of them, especially when Brayden kissed his mommy and realized she had lipgloss on and said “you have gooey on your lips!” and then thought about it for a second and excitedly asked “can I have gooey on MY lips?!”

Hill-001 Hill-011 Hill-009 Hill-002 Hill-003 Hill-004 Hill-005 Hill-008 Hill-012 Hill-013 Hill-015 Hill-016

The Lemires

This little family was so great to work with! We did a mini session at the beach and the time just flew by with little A’s adorable smiles. He is so cute and so incredibly sweet. He kept crawling up to me and climbing up my leg while we were shooting and I must say I ate up every toothy grin!

Lemire-002 Lemire-005 Lemire-016 Lemire-021 Lemire-025 Lemire-041 Lemire-043 Lemire-048 Lemire-060 Lemire-065 Lemire-070


The Welsteads {Christmas}

Welstead-001 Welstead-006 Welstead-009 Welstead-034 Welstead-038 Welstead-044 Welstead-050 Welstead-051I photographed Lisa and Daniel’s maternity session and have had the pleasure of photographing little W all through out his first 10 months as part of the family. He’s wonderful. I mean, look at that face.

This session was so incredibly fun! I mean, how often do you get to play with snow on an 80 degree, California November day? It may not have been real, but who cares!? We pretended we live in a winter wonderland and it almost felt like it for a second. Welstead-001 Welstead-003 Welstead-004

The Masters

This little family is just the best. Their little lady is energetic, fun, and loves to talk! We did a fun little styled session in Wilderness Park for the holidays and I almost died when I saw little R’s headband and moccasins…and her thighs. By far my favorite baby part, ever.Masters-002 Masters-015
Masters-016 Masters-018 Masters-026 Masters-032