James + Jenny {sneak peek}

Editing this sweet elopement today and I just had to post a sneak peek. It was such an intimate ceremony with amazing light, under the same tree where my husband and I got engaged! Such a special day and I was honored to share it with these two.


The Alfanos {California Christmas}

This adorable family was so much fun to photograph! They’ve lived by the beach for a long time and have never done the obligatory pier session, so we went down to the beach for their Christmas mini session and we had some of the best light I’ve seen in a long time. Their little man is so adorable and sweet and he absolutely loved the sand and birds everywhere…watching him get so excited every time a bird came by made me so excited for those moments with our little lady when she arrives.

I loved hanging out with you guys for the little bit of time we had together. Thank you, Alfanos, for including me in your first California Christmas photos!!


Mandy + Lu {sneak peek}

Mandy + Lu’s big day was beyond perfect. Perfect weather, perfect venue, a gorgeous bride, a groom who couldn’t possibly be more excited and they were surrounded by so much love and support by their amazing family and friends. I couldn’t wait to post this preview and re-live this fantastic day. Enjoy!


I mean, seriously…look at that face! She kills me with those eyeballs!

Boumas {Pops, Bubbe + The Littles}

These 5 are some of my favorite human beings on this planet. My mom, dad, nieces and nephew are extraordinary people and I am so blessed to have them in my life. The oldest of the 3 littles in smart, artistic, and such a great role model. She is so diligent about making sure they all obey Mommy + Daddy and genuinely gets joy out of doing the right thing. My nephew loves all things Star Wars, is athletic and super funny. He loves telling stories with sound effects and has the best dimples I’ve ever seen. And the littlest little is silly, quiet, subtle in her humor and growing wonderfully into who she is. She’s a lot funnier than I think even she realizes sometimes.

We spent the morning at Wilderness Park together and everyone was all smiles…most of the time. I love these people.


Emily + Ross {engaged}

Shooting couples like these two is why I love my job so much. They are such an amazing pair, full of beautiful love for each other and so incredibly welcoming to everyone around them. They are the epitome of iron sharpening iron and are truly best friends. It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with them at the Balboa Island Fun Zone and I am now even more excited for their wedding…in just 20 DAYS!! It has been so awesome to see how God has brought them together and to walk the road to the alter with them. I can’t wait for your wedding day, you two!

Emily is the master of the model pose…and the model walk! I was blown away when she busted that out out of nowhere. Ross, on the other hand, needed a little help with his walk. Which was just the best.


Becca + Jonathan {in Old Torrance}

These two are one of my favorite couples. My husband and I absolutely love the time we get to spend with them and they have been an endless blessing in our life. Becca is a photographer too, so being in front of the camera doesn’t happen too often, but you’d never know it by how comfortable she was when I raised my lens…although I have a feeling that Jonathan had something to do with that.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with them in Old Torrance before an engagement session so we took a little walk, had some laughs and I took a few shots. Enjoy!


Marlena + Curtis {Engaged}

Marlena + Curtis swore to me that they were “so awkward” in front of cameras, but the minute we started our session they were in this amazing bubble of love that never broke and every moment was so cute and heartfelt. I immediately told them that they were big liars because every image I was getting was so genuine and comfortable.

Their love is so special and I am so blessed to be their wedding photographer. I can’t wait until their big day comes!

ImageImageMarlena + Curtis-002 Marlena + Curtis-004 Marlena + Curtis-010 Marlena + Curtis-031 Marlena + Curtis-047 Marlena + Curtis-068ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Natalia + Mike {Engaged}

There are couples in life that you come across that seem to know each other so well and be so incredibly comfortable with one another that it makes you want to be a part of their world. Natalia + Mike are exactly that couple. They are best friends, there’s no doubt about that. The way that Mike so easily makes her laugh with just the slightest noise under his breath, the goofiness of the two of them and how fluidly they mix joking around and cuddling. They’ve been together since Natalia was in high school and it shows. These two are peas in a pod.

I had so much fun photographing their engagement session and CANNOT wait until their wedding day!!



I’ve been working on creating a new logo for the past couple days and my indecision is in full swing. So, since it’s easier to procrastinate the decision (as I walk in the other room to heat up a spinach wrap, look for inspiration online, send some important emails…), I realized that another blog post is long overdue.  I hope you enjoy my procrastination as much as I do.

This family was so much fun to hang out with for the afternoon. I used to work with Mama and hadn’t seen her or her little man in a few years and when he got out of the car, I had to do a double take. He definitely isn’t that “little” anymore, and I couldn’t believe how quickly he’s growing up. The jokes instantly started flying and the entire session was full of laughter, stories and catching up. It was such a great day and I am so blessed to know this family and get to photograph them.

RosauersMamaandPapaBig Man


Alright…it’s time to get back to work. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

The Wills Family

Everything about this family is stunning. Not only are they all gorgeous, but they are the sweetest grouping of people I’ve ever met. The way the littles love and respect their parents is such a beautiful thing to witness and makes me look forward to being a parent one day with so much excitement. They are definitely parents that I admire. And their kids have the most beautiful faces! I hope you enjoy these precious little ones as much as I enjoyed photographing them!